Wasserbüffelsteak am Weingut Hotel Restaurant Mahorko | © Ulrike Elsneg/TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße

Restaurants & Inns

From typical Styrian cuisine to nouvelle cuisine

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable, chat to the owner and enjoy the food. A Wirtshaus is a casual eating establishment offering hearty traditional fare the way grandmother used to cook. The region also offers (award-winning) restaurants provide a slightly more creative take on your culinary experience.

Good Styrian food is available all along the South Styrian Wine Road. You’ll find everything from traditional fare to nouvelle cuisine. What all the establishments have in common, though, is that they use fresh, local, seasonal produce. This is true of both typically Styrian dishes and the most creative inventions. On the menu you’ll find hearty soups, spicy goulash and crispy, golden-brown fried chicken, as well as mushrooms, Sterz (Styrian polenta) and game, depending on the season. You’ll also get to enjoy delicious fresh vegetables and herbs with all the dishes, as well as a glass of a suitable Styrian wine and the hospitality of the establishment's owners.

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