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The "Buschenschank"

Regional delicacies served on a wooden board

You don’t have to order the traditional hearty Brettljause cold platter when you visit a Buschenschank, but no-one has ever eaten one and gone home hungry. A Buschenschank offers fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses, local fish, cured meats and desserts including Strudel and Buchteln dumplings. This and the fact you are served wine by the winegrowers in person makes a visit to a Buschenschank on the South Styrian Wine Road a truly unique experience.

Not every establishment can call itself a Buschenschank. There are a few strict rules. No coffee, no beer, no lemonade and no hot food. What you do get, though, is freshly prepared local products inventively used to create delicious cold platters and other dishes. And there's more on offer than just meat. You will find an increasing number of inventive vegan and vegetarian dishes on Buschenschank menus. A visit to a Buschenschank offers you an unforgettable experience of hearty local food that is simply delicious.

Typisch Südsteirisch!

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