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... a taste of Southern Styria!

Southern Styria offers bountiful local produce, culinary tradition, love and devotion. These ingredients come together to conjure up true gastronomic pleasure. The region offers everything you could wish to eat, from the hearty Brettljause is cold platter to delicious fried chicken, succulent roast pork and vegetables.

There is a large number of establishments offering food and drink in the South Styrian Wine Road region, from the Buschenschank wine taverns and traditional casual Wirtshaus eating establishments to fine restaurants. There's also a wide range of delicious, freshly prepared, often very creative dishes to enjoy. Regional products has pride of place! Establishments use local, seasonal products, from freshly made bread and Winzersalat (a salad with cold meat) to a 4-course meal at an award-winning restaurant. Eating out in Southern Styria is always a pleasure — and it's only enhanced by the charming service and fantastic wines.

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