Ausblick auf die Weinberge der Südsteirischen Weinstraße | © Przemek Iciak | shutterstock. com

The South Styrian Wine Road

"Die Südsteirische Weinstraße"

Among Vineyards

There is a huge range of different walks leading through various landscapes, from floodplains and moorland to vineyards and alpine meadows.

Jause im traditionellen Buschenschank | © PosiNote |

Region´s Customs & Traditions

The South Styrian Wine Road unites these three aspects of life. The region's customs and traditions are lively and impress visitors. Typical features such as the owner-run Buschenschank wine taverns, the Klapotetz (noisy windmills designed to keep birds off crops), the Sturm & Kastanien (Sturm wine and Chestnut) festivals in autumn, Styrian pumpkin seed oil, the unique landscape and the friendly locals make the region very special!

typically "südsteirisch"

Our "Tiachl "

The scarves are made from a fresh green fabric and feature the noisy "Klapotetz" windmills and the wine leaf - two symbols of our region. They are so typically of the region that you can’t avoid them on a trip to Southern Styria. The scarves are fantastic accessories - they are modern, typically Southern Styrian, fashion-conscious and versatile!

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Wine - your constant companion

Wine is a constant companion in Southern Styria. On your holiday in Southern Styria, you can find out more about wine and taste it simply by knocking on the door of your favourite wine-grower.
You can experience the vine’s journey to wine, get to know the people behind it in person, take a look behind the scenes, taste the wines on a cellar tour, and bring a couple of bottles home with you.

Wine Experiences

The Region

Naturbadeteich Oberhaag | © Marktgemeinde Oberhaag
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Kirche in Leutschach | © TV Leutschach a. d. Weinstraße | Elisabeth Waltl
Leutschach an der Weinstraße
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Blick auf den Markt Ehrenhausen | © Ulrike Elsneg/TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße
Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße
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Rathaus Straß | © Marktgemeinde Straß i. Stmk.
Straß in Steiermark
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Die Buschenschank am roten Teppich an der Südsteirischen Weinstraße | © SCHIFFER/SYMBOL
Lustiger Tanzboden | © Ulrike Elsneg/TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße

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